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J.P. Wilmot Cancer Center, Phase I at U of R Medical Center Rochester, NY 

Final value of Contract: $50,000,000.00

This five-story structure (later expanded to 8 stories) has approximately 150,000 square feet of floor area and contains five linear accelerator vaults in the lower level, and numerous treatment and exam rooms as well as administrative areas above. 

Contract Type: GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price)

Completed in 2008

Completed on time and within budget.

Owner: U of R, Contact: Dan McGraw

Contractor: Pike Company Contact: Mike Flannery Rochester, NY 585-271-5256

Prime Consultant: Donald Blair and Partners of NYC, NY, NY 10013 212-941-8825

 Our firm’s role:  Donald Jensen, P.E. was the Principal Structural Engineer and John Baumler, P.E. was Project Structural Engineer.

     Unity Hospital Modernization & Expansion Project, Rochester, NY 

Final value of Contract: $158,000,000.00

Contract Type: GMP

Completion: 2014 

Completed on time and within budget

The modernization & expansion project is a multi-year construction project that began in April of 2010 and is expected to be completed in 2014.  The expansion of the Hospital includes the construction of a fourth floor for 35 acute care medical/surgical beds and 50 additional future beds. The project also includes 5 additions for modernizing and expanding facilities for Unity Hospital’s Joint Replacement Center, GI Unit, and Cardiology Unit; Unity Acute Rehabilitation & Physical Medicine, and Dialysis Services. The reutilization of former Living Center constructed in 1969, consisted of completely gutting and laterally strengthening the building structure to conform to modern Building Codes.  The estimated cost for construction is $158 million. All construction has occurred while the hospital remained fully functional.  Designed to LEED , Silver Level.

Owner: Park Ridge Unity Hospital Contact: 

Contractor: Le Chase Construction Contact: Jack Goodrich Rochester, NY 585-254-3510

Prime Consultant: Gardner Plus Architects, Rochester, NY 14623 585-321-1210

From our firm the Principal and Project Engineer was John Baumler P.E.

F.F. Thompson Hospital, Canandaigua,
NY 14424

Final value of Contract: $34,000,000

Contract Type: GMP

Completion: 2012

Project Excel consisted of a two story addition infilling the space between the original 1970’s  hospital and two other additions constructed in the late 1980’s and late 1990’s, and major reconstruction and remodeling of the ground and first floors of the original hospital. The addition is approximately 54,000 sq. ft. with first floor dining, servery, kitchen, and physical rehabilitation suite with second floor pre-op surgical suite, PACU operating room surgical suite, and surgery waiting area. The addition also has a 10,000 sq. ft. penthouse that serves the mechanical needs of the addition and other areas of reconstruction.  Major construction activities were completed with the opening of the operating rooms in the summer of 2012.  Other reconstruction activities are scheduled through 2013. 

Owner: F.F. Thompson Hospital

Contractor: Francis Cauffman Architects Contact: Catherine Gow Philadelphia, PA. 


 John Baumler, P.E. was the Principal Structural Engineer and Darren A. Brooks, P.E. was Project Structural Engineer.

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